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All our audio can be auditioned, purchased and downloaded from our Music Library.

Our Music Beds are suitable for Talkover, News, Weather, Traffic, Sport, Travel to name a few.

One purchase covers you no hidden costs

Music Studio


Our production team are made up of a passionate bunch of song writers, composers, sound designers, and media experts.

Our guys have been producing music for film, radio and television for many years and are ready to unleash their creativity for you.

Music to My Ears - On Hold Music Ads

Your business advertised in your personal on hold phone advert

Why Ads on Hold?

Your customers and potential customers are the most important aspect of your company. On hold ads are a simple and effective way of informing potential customers about the products and services your business provides.

There have been many studies into business calls both here and in the USA and unsurprisingly the research discovered the callers hearing music on hold will stay on the line 30 seconds longer than callers experiencing bleeps or complete silence, and callers hearing commercials on hold will stay on the line for up to 3 minutes longer.

Ads with music on hold not only increase profitability but it reduces the amount of callers hanging up whilst on hold. It’s a great way to keep both current and prospective customers informed with news and information about your company with business hours, location and directions etc.

The perceived quality of your companies image will be enhanced by providing a professionally sounding service which will make a great first impression. On hold advertising turns wasted on-hold time into a valuable marketing space and provides the ability to boost revenue by advertising products and services to a captive audience and you'll be utilising air time that doesn't cost you any money.

How it works?

Step 1 - Choose a track from our music library page eg (Drama track number 1) 

Step 2 - Create your advert script (max 100 words) 

Step 3 - Tell us wether you require a male or female voice over

Send the information to the email link below

One of our professional voice over experts will record your advert over your chosen track and send it back to you in mp3 format ready to be loaded into your on hold system

All for £99.00 + vat



Real Instruments

We don't just have synths and plug ins and Midi Files we have actual instruments like the ones you can actually touch.

Royalty Free Audio

All of our content can be used multiple times for commercial and personal projects.

Yours Forever

Audition, purchase and download audio whenever you want. Anything you download is yours to keep and use forever.

Pay as You Go

There's no need for any long subscriptions, just pay for audio when you want.


Music Library

We currently have two sections to our Music Library, Music Beds and Royalty free tracks

On the page below please click on the links below the images to navigate to our music track pages where you can browse, listen and purchase our music

Music Set
Man in Studio

Music Beds £10 per track

Royalty Free Music £2 per track


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